The Crouch End Players' Productions to date:


  • The Princess of Wales by Tom Kempinski, July 2009
    Director Rachel Thrum


  • Dick Whittington (pantomime), January 2010
    Director Mathew Hearne; Musical Director David Tims

  • Putting on the Blitz (devised), April 2010 and Aug 2011
    Director Rachel Thrum; Musical Director Roger Limb

  • The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Drama Society's Production of Macbeth by David McGillivray, July 2010
    Director Peter Chandler


  • Cinderella (pantomime), January 2011
    Director Mathew Hearne; Musical Director David Tims

  • Search By Night by Victor Lucas, May 2011
    Director Angharad Ellis-Jones

  • Rock Around The Clocktower (devised), October 2011
    Director Sue Irwin-Hunt; Musical Director Kevin Davies


  • Sleeping Beauty (pantomime), February 2012
    Director Jemima Headey; Musical Director David Tims

  • Crouch End Festival, May 2012:-

    • Vintage Radio Theatre - I Saw Myself Running by Anthony Ellis and Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Tolling Bell based on a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Director Heather Maîr Thomas 

    • Hansel & Gretel adapted from Brothers Grimm by Carol Ann Duffy, Director Lindsey Pugh

    • Crouch End Folk & Fable by Annie Windley, Director Annie Windley

  • A Christmas Carol adapted by Karen Louise Hebden, December 2012, Director Kate Stafford; Musical Director Heather Maîr Thomas


  • Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Constance Cox, April 2013, Director Camilla Holroyd

  • Crouch End Festival, June 2013:-

    • Once Upon A Storytime: Madeline and In The Night Kitchen Adapted and devised by Rebecca Cutts

    • Grace & Agnes by Angharad Ellis Jones and Annie Windley  Director Angharad Ellis Jones

    • Lights, Camera, Action... Sing!  Written and directed by Annie Windley

    • Vintage Live Radio Theatre: Rebecca and The 39 Steps Director Heather Maîr Thomas

    • A History of Falling Things by James Graham, Director Kate Stafford, November 2013


      • Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll adapted by Adrian Mitchell, Director Lindsey Pugh, Musical Director David Tims/Kevin Davis, February 2014

      • Crouch End Festival, June 2014:-

        • Once Upon A Storytime: Corduroy the Bear and Mister Whistler      Adapted and devised by Rebecca Cutts

        • Three Short Comedy Plays, Directors Jo Alexander and Claire Demmer-Considine

        • Vintage Live Radio Theatre: Flash Gordon  - Director Heather Maîr Thomas

      • As You Like It by William Shakespeare, Director Kate Stafford, August 2014


      • Pinocchio (pantomime), Directors Rebecca Cutts and Dave Mahon, February 2015

      • Crouch End Festival, June 2015:-

        • Vintage Radio Chillers (The Lodger, The Whole Town's Sleeping, The Thought) Director Heather Maîr Thomas

        • The Trial (Interactive Theatre) Written and  directed by Richard Broughton and Victoria Welsh

        • Once Upon a Storytime - Tales in the Meadow, Director Rebecca Cutts

        • BlueNote (film) Written, directed and filmed by David Jennings, Ric Lindley and Dave Mahon

      • The Trial 2: Who Killed Romeo? Written and directed by Richard Broughton and Victoria Welsh, October 2015


      • Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, Director Kate Stafford, Musical Director/Composer David Tims, January 2016

      • Crouch End Festival, June 2016

        • A Suffragette's Song - Director Terry McGrath

        • Once Upon A Story-time -Director Rebecca Cutts

        • Storm in a Teacup - Director Sue Irwin-Hunt

        • Vintage Radio Theatre -  (Jane Eyre, Sorry- Wrong Number, Brief Encounter) Director - Heather Maîr Thomas

        • Sketch Show - Director James Allnutt

      • A Suffragette's Song,  Written and directed by Terry McGrath, Musical Director - David Tims, October 2016

      • Vintage Radio Theatre -It's A Wonderful Life, Director Heather Maîr Thomas, December 2016


      • The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, Director Eleanor Forrester, February 2017

      • Crouch End Festival, June 2017

        • Sea Airs - Writer/Director Jayne Thomas

        • Vibrantly Lieu - Writer Gemma Jones

        • Storm in a Teacup - Director Sue Irwin Hunt

        • Corbyn Island - Adapted by Geoffrey Levett

        • Once Upon a Storytime -Director Rebecca Cutts

        • Vintage Radio Theatre -The Shadow People - Director Heather Maîr Thomas

      • Toad of Toad Hall, adapted for the stage by A.A. Milne, Director Sue Irwin Hunt, August 2017


      • The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society Production of A Murder Mystery by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr, Director Heather Maîr Thomas, February 2018

      • A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, Director Jen Richardson, May 2018

      • Crouch End Festival, June 2018:-

        • What's the Point written and directed by Virginia Vassura

        • The Trial 3 written and directed by Victoria Welsh

        • A Door translated and directed by Geoffrey Levett

        • The Road Not Taken by Jen Richardson, Director Ellie Jones

      • Sea Airs (of Poseidon's Song) written and directed by Jayne Thomas, October 2018


      • Would You Rather by Jen Richardson, Director Julia Hicks, February 2019

      • A Soldier's Song Adapted from Pierre de Marivaux's Les Fausses Confidences by Geoffrey Levett, Director Victoria Welsh, March 2019

      • Bouncers by John Godber, Director James Woolford, May 2019

      • Crouch End Festival, June 2019

        • Sketch Shows, by Jen Richardson, Sophie Boardman, Dave Mahon, Tom Boardman and Geoff Levett

        • Once Upon a Storytime, written and directed by Rebecca Cutts


      • Robin Hood: The Panto! by Richard Broughton, Director Lisa Worthington, Musical Director David Tims

      Venues have included: 

      • Hornsey Royal British Legion 

      • Greig City Academy

      • The Moravian Church

      • Music Palace 

      • The Tower of London 

      • Highgate Wood School 

      • Priory Park

      • Kiss The Sky

      • The Haberdashery

      • Holy Innocents Church 

      • Territorial Army Centre

      • Pickled Pepper Books

      • Hornsey Library  

      • Kings Head

      • Great Northern Railway Tavern

      • Hornsey Town Hall

      • Betty B's

      • St Mary's Church Tower/The Intimate Space

      • Earl Haig Hall

      Moors Bar

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